Friday, January 16, 2009

Hoping to catch up!

I am finally getting in gear here. Before Christmas my list of to-sew's and to-do's in general was so long. Now, I am getting back to my relaxing sewing again. The best kind.

I listed a new style of purse, for me at least, in my Etsy shop. I love the fabric I used in this one. Very in tune to spring, and let's face it, with temps -20 here in SE Minnesota thinking of spring can be such a pleasant thought!

I must admit though, when it is so cold, the sun is brightly shining and the snow is glistening it is so very beautiful. Each season holds such beauty and the changes in them only makes us appreciate the season all the more.

To catch up with family news I will start with this:
In family news, my oldest son, Jason, became engaged to Jenna this past November. Actually, they became engaged on the 30th anniversary of my husband Dan and I. Is that great or what!
They plan to be married after Jenna graduates college. She wishes to become a school teacher and we all wish her well in that. She will be great at it!

On to the rest of our children with future blogging. For now, I must move on with my day!

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