Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Have YOU Seen This Man?

As a mother of four children, and now a grandmother to four, I want to use this space today to ask for your help in finding a fugitive who committed unforgivable acts against a young girl in 2001.
His name is Oscar Michael Trevino. He is wanted in Dodge County, Minnesota for the repeated rapes against a 13 year old girl who rode the school bus he drove.

Is this story real? is the story of this school bus driver and the young girl he tortured:

This is the link to the Sheriff's Department who is searching for him:

The child he raped was my daughter. She, and the rest of our family, moved on from this ordeal but one thing keeps us from purging him from our minds. He is out in the world living as though nothing happened. He is out free but hiding, rather than suffering in prison for his crimes. He is not paying the price for what he put my daughter through.
Help us find him please.

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Carriers Cozy Cottage said...

((((DEB)))) My heart goes out to your daughter, you & your family.

I hope this Monster gets caught and pays dearly for his crimes against your daughter. I know what it feels like to have a child victimized. The pain never really goes away. Yes we move on and go about our daily lives, but when we least expect it, the sorrow and pain, anger and other emotions comes rushing a flood.

I think the worst part about this situation is not only what he did to your child, but how many more have been vicitims if he has never been caught.

Take care
Cozy ♥

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